Jobs carried out in Multi locations:

  • Ballast line pipes, Cargo line pipe, Fire line pipes, Cooling line pipe, Fuel line pipe
  • Diesel line pipe, Bunker line pipe, Heavy fuel line pipe, Fresh water line pipe, Auxiliary line pipe
  • Sewage system line pipe, Inert gas line pipe, Morpoline pipe, Scupper drain line pipe
  • Sounding line pipe, Sea water line pipe, Steam line pipe, Cow line pipe, Vent line pipe
  • Educator line pipe, Funnel drain pipe, Sterling line pipe, Suction line pipe, Vapor line pipe
  • Ullage system line pipe, Spray line pipe, Powder line pipe, Foam line pipe, CO2 line pipe
  • Conduct water tight coupled pipe, U clamps, Dresser couplings, Pressure test.
  • MARPOL Line Pipe, Voltage System Pipe, Pipe Diameter of all sizes

Multi Activities:

  • Execution of jobs, Job identification and marking, Planning, man-hours consumptions
  • Preparation of required materials, Preparation of pipe shop & onboard drawings
  • Fabrication of the concerned line pipes at pipe shop, Location Markings, Openings, Cleaning
  • Rig out the old materials rig in the new fabricated pipes on board locations, Fitted pipes at location
  • Approval inspection from ship officials or as well as yard representativein quality departments
  • Re-fitting in on board location
  • Cleaning & Final approval from the client