Multi Jobs carrying in Mechanical section:
  • Heat exchangers, Air coolers, Fresh Water Generators, Deck Machinery & Equipments', Fans
  • Electrical motors, Electrical generators', Pums and Air compressors, Hydraulics, Machining
  • Propeller, Cow Machines, Oily water separator balancing of Routers
  • Diesel Engines 4 Stroke & 2 Stroke, Main Engine Turbo Charges, Crank Shaft, Reach Rods
  • Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Flap/Non Return Valve, PV Valves(Pressure Vacuum)
  • 3-way Valve, Safety Valve, Thread Valve, Ball Valve, Manual & Hydraulics Gear Boxes
  • Pressure Test, Winches, Deck Machinery, Engine Room, Pumps, Large Valves & Inert Gas Valves.
Multi Activities:
  • Execution of jobs, Job Identification and Marking, Planning, Man-Hours Consumptions
  • Preparation of required Materials, Location Markings, Opening of Valves or Equipments' Cleaning
  • Rig out the Old Materials to Mechanical Work Shop, Dismantle the Valves or Equipments
  • Follow the mecahnical work shop processors, Overhaul the Valves or Equipments Reclose
  • Pressure Test as Per the Requirements of Clients, Rig In To Onboard,
  • Refitting In On Board Location, Cleaning & Final Approval from the Client